About me —

Hi there! I am Florian, 21 years old living in Stuttgart.
I create visions and concepts with the focus on solving complex problems. I am fascinated how big and little improvements can drive an idea forward, and how these things are able to create big impact in a digital world. I am convinced that putting the user first is crucial, but also stay self-aware — see the world with open eyes, sometimes with those of a child.

I believe in design as a way of thinking — a tool to connect different disciplines and create value.

Currently I am studying interaction design at University of Applied Sciences Schwaebisch Gmuend. Besides doing design stuff i am passionate about music, especially music production, things that are just beautiful, new technologies and the human mind.

Btw...I am looking for an internship starting summer 2017!
Feel free to contact me: hello@floriandeitermann.com

I work with:

Sketch + Adobe Suite
bit of HTML/CSS/JS
mostly brain + eyes

Let's connect!